Research into the history of the first Swiss regulations governing architectural and engineering competitions

The Foundation provides financial and human resources for the research conducted by the ETH-qualified architect Dr Dieter Weidmann on the origins of the standardisation of architectural and engineering competitions in Switzerland. Due to the complex array of sources, the timeframe for this research was extended. The results are due to be published in book form before the end of 2013. The article by Dr Dieter Weidmann entitled HOW JUDGES PULL THE STRINGS published in Tec21 No. 47/2012 offers an exciting first insight into his research findings. The original German version of the article has been posted online on the SIA website (

Research project on the importance of competitions for establishing emerging talents

The Foundation also supports the research conducted by Dr Antigoni Katsakou into the importance of competitions for establishing emerging young talents. Her work analyses competitions for residential buildings with respect to their importance for the emergence of up-and-coming architects. The importance of competitions for emerging talents has frequently been discussed in the international literature, and the current architectural scene in Switzerland would appear to confirm the arguments presented there. The large number of architects who rose to prominence through competitions makes Switzerland an ideal country for a case study. Antigoni Katsakou wrote her PhD at EPF Lausanne on competitions in Switzerland.

An excerpt from her thesis can be found by following this link:

(*Source: Andersson, Jonas, Rönn, Magnus, Bloxham Zettersten, Gerd et al., eds., 2013. Architectural Competitions - Histories and Practice. Göteborg: Rio Kulturkooperativ.)

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